Special Dossier: Affect Theory


Issue 20.2 of qui parle, “Affect Theory” is now available in print through Duke University Press, and online through Project MUSE and JSTOR. The Spring/Summer 2012 issue includes:

  • Marta Figlerowicz introducing the Affect Theory Dossier
  • Catherine Malabou on Following Generation
  • Elizabeth Abel on Skin, Flesh, and the Affective Wrinkles of Civil Rights Photography
  • Jordan Greenwald interviews Lauren Berlant on Affect in the End Times
  • Suzanne Herrera Li Puma introduces the work of Cara Benedetto
  • Color plates featuring work from Cara Benedetto’s Body Bags
  • Andrew Moisey on the Desire to Mark our Buried Nuclear Waste
  • Joseph Litvak examines Resentment in David Copperfield
  • Kristin Reed introduces Dmitri Prigov’s Versographies
  • James Martel on Nietzsche’s Cruel Messiah
  • Donna Jones on on the Continuous Career of Living Things in Bergson, Iqbal, and Scalia
  • Betina González-Azcárate and Joshua Lund on Mining the Tropics

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