issue 22:2, spring-summer 2014


Volume 22, no. 2, of qui parle is now available in print through Duke University Press, and online through Project MUSE and JSTOR.

The Spring/Summer 2014 issue includes works by:

  • Colin Jager on Crossing the Line: Blasphemy, Time, and Anonymity
  • Molly McGarry on Moral Turpitude in Blasphemy and Other Moral Genealogies
  • The Claire Fontaine collective, with a Genealogy of the Concept of the Ready-Made Artist
  • Arden Reed on Speed and Nineteenth Century Stereoscopy
  • Matthew H. Evans translating Lionel Ruffel on The Public Spaces of Contemporary Literature
  • Martin Crowley on Being Beyond Politics, with Jean-Luc Nancy
  • Roberto Esposito on The Metapolitical Structure of the West, translated by Matt Langione
  • Jesse Cordes Selbin with a review essay on Sympathetic Distance and Victorian Form
  • Alex Dubilet with a review essay of Katrin Pahl’s Tropes of Transport: Hegel and Emotion

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