Announcing Volume 26:1, Spring/Summer 2017

Announcing Volume 26, No. 1 of qui parle, now available in print through Duke University Press, and online through Project Muse.

This issue includes:

    • Jean-Luc Nancy, Critique, Crisis, Cri, translated by Patrick Lyons
    • Kristina Mendicino, Before Truth: Walter Benjamin’s “Epistemo-Critical Prologue”
    • Christopher Fynsk, Police Actions in Aesthetics: Rancière Reading Deleuze and Lyotard on Art
    • Bernard StieglerThe New Conflict of the Faculties and Functions: Quasi-Causality and Serendipity in the Anthropocene
    • John Paul Ricco, The Commerce of Anonymity
    • Colin Dayan, Possum Hunting
    • Tina M. CamptPerforming Stillness: Diaspora and Stasis in Black German Vernacular Photography
    • Chris KrausBreaking through Memories into Desire

An interview:

    • Basit Kareem IqbalThinking about Method: A Conversation with Talal Asad

And review essays:

    • Rachel Haejin Lim, Nontranscendental Transnationalism
    • Andrew John Barbour, Liberalism, Disfigured

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