Announcing 30th Anniversary Special Issue Volume 26:2


Announcing Volume 26, No. 2 of qui parle, now available in print through Duke University Press, and online through Project Muse. Cover design from Technologies of Care by Elisa Giardina-Papa.

30th Anniversary Dossier: Who Speaks?:

    • Avital Ronell, The Time of My Life
    • Marianne Constable, When Actions Speak Louder . . .
    • Michael Lucey, On Proust and Talking to Yourself
    • Who Speaks? Thirtieth Anniversary Dossier: Interventions, edited By Patrick Lyons and Simone Stirner
      With interventions from: Jared Sexton • Jean-Luc Nancy • J. Hillis Miller • Lisa Myobun Freinkel • Karen Jacobs • John Culbert Alexander García Düttmann • Michael Naas • Lisa Samuels • Jeff Fort • Ara H. Merjian • Stuart J. Murray and Sara Kendall • Gerhard Richter • Karen Feldman • Alphonso Lingis • Paola Bacchetta • Marjorie Perloff • James Martel • Eli Friedlander • Wayne Koestenbaum • Simon Porzak • John Brenkman • Joseph Vogl • Mieke Bal • Christopher Bracken • Stefanos Geroulanos • Martin Crowley • Michael Marder • Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda


    • Helga Tawil-Souri, Checkpoint Time
    • Serguei Alex. Oushakine, How to Grow out of Nothing: The Afterlife of National Rebirth in Postcolonial Belarus
    • Kimberly Juanita Brown, Furia

Literary Works:

    • Pierre Alferi, Fever,  translated by Victoria Bergstrom
    • Jeremy Fernando, A Prayer for Lim Lee Ching
    • Michael D. Snediker, Three Poems

Review Essays:

    • Yuhe Faye Wang,  Performing Race, Speaking the Body: On Asian American Performance Studies and Everyday Racializations
    • Quinn Lester, What about the White People?
    • Donna Honarpisheh, Traces of a Revolution: Reopening the Moment of Contingency in 1979 Iran

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