Announcing Volume 27:1, June 2018


Announcing Volume 27, No. 1 of qui parle, now available in print through Duke University Press, and online through Project Muse and JSTOR.


    • Cesare Casarino, The Expression of Time (Spinoza, Deleuze, Cinema)
    • Jenny Sharpe, Thinking “Diaspora” with Stuart Hall
    • Thomas Nail, The Ontology of Motion
    • Kathleen Biddick, Read Yourself! The Griffin Condition on the Day before
      the Last Day
    • Peter Szendy, Face Value (the Prosopa of Money)
    • Dora Zhang, Notes on Atmosphere
    • Daniel Katz, Robert Duncan and the 1960s: Psychoanalysis,
      Politics, Kitsch
    •  Gary Kafer, Wi-Fi Defiance: Autonomy in the Information Age

Review Essays:

    • Joseph Albernaz, Speculum of the Other Cene
    • Dominick Lawton, Unfinished Trials and Sentences: 1917 at 100

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