higher education on its knees


Issue 20.1 of qui parle, “Higher Education on its Knees” is now available in print through Duke University Press, and online through Project MUSE and JSTOR. This special four-part issue contains eighteen essays dealing with various dimensions concerning the ongoing global crisis in higher education. This Fall/Winter 2011 issue features:

  • Introduction by Michelle Ty
  • Gert Biesta on the rise of the global university and the crisis in higher education
  • Wendy Brown on the proposed UC Cyber-Campus
  • Annie McClanahan on the living indebted
  • Lionel Ruffel on the fate of books and the academic library
  • Michael Bérubé on “The Futility of the Humanities”
  • Geoffrey Galt Harpham on “Why We Need the 16,772nd Book on Shakespeare”
  • Henry A. Giroux on defending higher education as a public good
  • Robert Paul Wolff on the good of a liberal education
  • Marjorie Perloff on “The Death of a Discipline”
  • Laurent Dubreuil on “A Viral Lexicon for Future Crises”
  • Hélène Merlin-Kajman on transmitting literature
  • V. Kaladharan on the transition from meditative learning to impersonal pedagogy in Indian education
  • Francesco Crocco on “Contesting the Manufactured Crisis of Public Higher Education at CUNY”
  • Maritza Stanchich reports from the University of Puerto Rico on “A University Besieged”
  • Aaron Porter on “The English Gamble with the Future of Higher Education”
  • Rei Terada on “Free Speech, Disruption, and Student Protest”
  • Charlotte Latimer, et. al. on Creative Subversions
  • Lyn Hejinian on Wild Captioning

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