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Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 1985
the representation of otherness

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Avital Ronell
Mimus Polyglottus

Pamela Roberts

Patricia Teefy
Montaigne: Mask and Melancholy

Lisa Neal
Le Couteau de l’Autre,
Un Regard sur Leiris

Thomas F. Petruso
Madame Bovary in the Consumer Society

Andreas Illner
Manque de Sujet–Sujet du Manque:
Réflexions sur la fonction de l’absence
dans les Lettres de la religieuse portugaise

Mira Usha Kamdar
Poétique et Politique: le paradoxe
de la représentation de l’autre
dans le Supplément au Voyage de Bougainville

Volume 1, Number 2, Spring 1987
Under Construction

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J. Hillis Miller
Jean-Luc Nancy
Rainer Nägele
Marian Hobson
Laurence Rickels
Werner Hamacher
Francine Masiello
Jason Ales

Jonathan Elmer
Something for Nothing: Barthes in the Text of Ideology

Adam Bresnick
Tristan et Iseut as a “salle aux images”

Marc DaRosa
The Socratic Disruption of Origins in The Birth of Tragedy

Cynthia McPherson
The Double-edged Pen, Reading “A Peine” in Mémoires

Bruce Gold
How Progress Eludes Us: Variations on a Theme

Pierre Alféri
Elégie californienne (extrait)

Book Review
Giancarlo J. Lacinia
Nouveau traité des ruines

Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 1988
Paranoia & Schizophrenia

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Friedrich Kittler
An Informations Network of 1910

Laurence Rickels

Winfried Kudszus
Between the Tongues

Avital Ronell
On the Way to Lainguage:
Heidegger and Schizophrenia

Peter Canning
Here Comes the Sun

Leslie Harris
The Return of the Repressed, or,
the Case of the Fragmented Cousin

Le Bonheur des Dames ou
la machine du célibataire

Marc Penka
Representation and the Economies of Repression

Anne Nesbet
Schizoglossia and Berlin Alexanderplatz

Akira Mizuta Lippit

Volume 2, Number 2, Fall 1988
Silence and Intervention

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Sonia Van Ballaert
On the Nullity of Abstractions

R. Howard Bloch
Chaucer’s Maiden’s Head:
The Physician’s Tale and the Poetics of Virginity

Brian Holmes
Frontiers of Figure:
Don Quixote and the Comedia

Ann Smock

Elizabeth Bloomfield
Le Pain de Ponge
Mangé enfin! Dans l’abîme.

Jacques Derrida
A Number of Yes

Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 1989
Theatricality & Literature

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Lisa Freinkel
Reading’s Response

Rainer Nägele
Puppet Play and Trauerspiel

Michel Chaouli
Masking and Unmasking:
The Ideological Fantasies of the Eighteenth Brumaire

Michael Macrone
The Theatrical Self in Renaissance England

Samuel Weber
La bolte et le balcon: de la technique au théâtre

Cixous Dossier


Writings on the Theater

Manna: “Dedication to the Ostrich”

Interview with Hélène

Anne Boyman
Dora, or the Case of L’Écriture Féminine

Anu Aneja
The Mystic Aspect of L’Écriture Féminine:
Hélène Cixous’ Vivre l’Orange

Book Reviews

Paul Smith, Discerning
the Subject
(Adam Bresnick)

Catherine Clément,
Opera, or the Undoing of Women
(David Levin)

Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 1989
Cultural Identity and the Promise of Literature

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Nasser Hussain
Hyphenated Identity: Nationalistic Discourse,
History, and the Anxiety of Criticism
in Salman Rushdie’s Shame

Eric Zakim
The Cut That Binds:
Philip Roth and Jewish Marginality

Jean-Luc Nancy
Beheaded Sun (Soleil Cou Coupé)

Natalie Melas
Brides of Opportunity:
Figurations of Women and Colonial
Discourse in Lord Jim

David Lloyd
The Poetics of Politics:
Yeats and the Founding of the State

Tadeusz Pioro
Joyce’s Irish, Beckett’s French:
Expatriation and the Poltics of Cultural Identity

Peter Sahlins
Language, Identity, and the French
Revolution: A View from the Periphery

Ann Gelder
Justifying the Page

Eva Cherniavsky
Stowe’s Authentic Ghost

Mitchell Breitwieser
Franklin’s American Odyssey

Book Reviews

Heather James
On Jon R. Snyder, Writing the Scene of Speaking:
Theories of Dialogue in the Late Italian Renaissance

Carolyn Duffey
On Kathryn Gravdal, “Vlain” and “Courtois”:
Transgressive Parody in French Literature of the
Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 1990
Reading Seeing

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Slavoj Zizek
How the Non-Duped Err

Karen Jacobs
Two Mirrors Facing:
Freud, Blanchot, and the Logic of Invisibility

Victor Burgin
Chance Encounters
Flâneur and Détraquée in Breton’s Nadja

Richard Meyer
Imagining Sadomasochism:
Robert Mapplethorpe
and the Masquerade of Photography

Rainer Mack
Reading the Archaeology of the Female Body

Jacqueline Lichtenstein
Up Close, From Afar:
The Subject’s Distance from Representation

Book Reviews

Jonathan Elmer
On Slavoj Zizek,
The Sublime Object of Ideology

Anne Nesbet
On Anton Kaes,
From Hitler to Heimat: The Return of History as Film

Terry Mulcaire
On Andrew Ross,
No Respect: Intellectuals and Popular Culture

Joan Hawkins
On Robert Motherwell, ed.
The Dada Painters and Poets
Maurice Nadeau,
The History of Surrealism

Volume 4, Number 2, Spring 1991
Different Subjects

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Peggy Kamuf
Baudelaire’s Modern Woman

Greg Forter
Going Straight with Gilda

Michael Lucey
Gide Writing Home from Africa, or
From Biskra with Love

Lisa Freinkel
The Analogy of Form:
Mourning and Kant’s Third Critique

Annea Cheng
Reading Lucy Snowe’s Cryptology:
Charlotte Brontë’s Villette and Suspended Mourning

Elizabeth Maddock
Swift and the Subject of Satire

Barbara Claire Freeman
A Union Forever Deferred:
Sexual Politics after Lacan

Book Reviews

Adam Bresnick
On David Rosenberg & Harold Bloom
The Book of J

Maud Gwynn Burnett
On Frances Bartkowski
Feminist Utopias

Volume 5, Number 1, Fall/Winter 1991
Acts of Commerce

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Jean-Joseph Goux
Banking on Painting

Rochelle Tobias
Death’s Poetic Property
Ann Smock, tanslator
Poèmes de Samuel Wood (Selections) by Louis-Rene des Forets

Derek Attridge

Blakey Vermeule
Is there a Sedgwick School for Girls?

Slavoj Zizek
The Totalitarian Invitaton to Enjoyment

Adam Bresnick
Dialectic or Genius: Rameau’s Nephew

Book Reviews

Richard Meyer
On Joseph A. Boone & Michael Cadden, eds.
Engendering Men: The Question of Male Feminist Criticism

Michel Chaouli
On Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Political Crumbs

Eric Zakim
On Joseph N. Straus
Remaking the Past: Musical Modernism and
the Influence of the Tonal Tradition

Volume 5, Number 2, Spring/Summer 1992

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Richard Doyle
Mr. Schrödinger Inside Himself

Tommaso Giartosio
La vérité du bonheur: The Legitimalion of
Literature in Georges Bataille’s L’Abbé C

Distractions: A
Dossier on Weimar Culture

Siegfried Kracauer
Loitering: Four Encounters in Berlin

Gertrud Koch
Cosmos in Film: On the Concept of Space in
Walter Benjamin’s “Work of Art” Essay

Helmut Lethen
Refrigerators of Intelligence

Miriam Hansen
Ambivalence of the “Mass Ornament”:
King Vidor’s The Crowd

Courtney Federle
Kuchenmesser DADA:
Hannah Höch’s Cut through the Field of Vision

Anton Kaes
Modernity and its Discontents:
Notes on Alterity in Weimar Cinema

Book Reviews

Lisa Freinkel
On John Rajchman
Truth and Eros:
Foucault, Lacan, and the Question of Ethics

Geogre Handley
On Homi K. Bhabha, ed.
Nation and Narration

Ann Gelder
On Page duBois
Torture and Truth: The New Ancient World

Volume 6, Number 1, Fall/Winter 1992
Bodies and Disgust

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Leo Bersani &
Ulysse Dutoit
Sadism and Film: Freud and Resnais

Joseph Litvak
Delicacy and Disgust, Mourning and Melancholia,
Privilege and Perversity: Pride and Prejudice

Lincoln Shlensky
Preside at their Pleasures: Rousseau, Diderot, Kafka
and the Ambivalence of Representation

Andrzej Warminski
Spectre Shapes: “The Body of Descartes?”
with an intervention by Peggy Kamuf

James Elkins
The Unease in Art History

Book Reviews

Eve Sanders
On Valerie Traub
Desire and Anxiety:
Circulations of Sexuality in Shakespearean Drama

Volume 6, Number 2, Spring/Summer 1993

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Michael Witmore
Guarantees of the Remarkable

Tom Cohen
Hitchcock and the Death of (Mr.) Memory

Mladen Dolar
Beyond Interpellation

Susan Courtney
Looking for (Race and Gender) Trouble in Monument Valley

Review Essay

Frederick M. Dolan
The Philosophical Laughter of Michel Foucault
Review of The Passion of Michel Foucault

Book Reviews

Alison Conway
On Marcia Pointon
Hanging the Head: Portraiture and
Social Formation in Eighteenth-Century England

Catherine Robson
On James Kincaid
Child Loving:
The Erotic Child and Victorian Culture

Volume 7, Number 1, Fall/Winter 1993
Nation & Fantasy

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Benedict Anderson
Replica, Aura, and Late Nationalist Imaginings

Sarah Pelmas
Freedom’s Performative Legacy

Dana Stevens
Writing, Scratching and Politics from M to Mabuse

Stathis Gourcouris
Notes on the Nation’s Dreamwork

David Kazanjian
Notarizing Knowledge: Paranoia and Civility in Freud and Lacan

Book Reviews

Michael Hardt
On John Rawls
Political Liberalism

Benjamin Reiss
On Eric Lott
Love and Theft:
Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class

Marianne Constable
On Frederick M. Dolan and Thomas L. Dumm, eds.
Rhetorical Republic:
Governing Representations in American Politics

Volume 7, Number 2, Spring/Summer 1994
Invisibility and Translation

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Kathryn A. Tuma
“Une dentelle s’abolit”: The Invisibilities of Vermilion
in Vermeer’s The Lacemaker

Jonathan Boyarin
The Missing Keyword:
Reading Olender’s Renan

John Dolan
“Today the Mind is Not Part of the Weather”:
Cognitive and Rhetorical Perspectives
on the Construction of Poetic Metaphor

Mustapha Kamal
Averroes’ Search Today: Beit al-Hikmah and
Translation in Morocco

Jerry Herron
Facing Death: Modernity, Morality, Postcards

Book Reviews

Marja Mogk
On Janet Malcolm
The Silent Woman: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

Elizabeth M. Dillon
On Teresa De Lauretis
The Practice of Love:
Lesbian Subjectivity and Perverse Desire

Volume 8, Number 1, Fall/Winter 1994
Allegory in Translation

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John Culbert
Nowhere in Paris: A Tour of the Bièvre

Alexander García
On Translatability

Jane Gallop
The Translation of Deconstruction

Jonathan Sheehan
The Remains of History

Gregory Moynahan
“Bathed in Light That Is Not Bound By Space”:
Subjectivity, Allegory and the Word in Book X
of Augustine’s Confessions

Review Essay

Ann Smock
On Jean Paulhan’s Récits

Volume 8, Number 2, Spring/Summer 1995
Tantum Religio Potuit Suadere Malorum

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Thomas W. Laqueur
Masturbation, Credit and the Novel During
the Long Eighteenth Century

Miran Bozovic
“An Utterly Dark Spot”: The Fiction of God in
Bentham’s Panopticon

A Remembrance of
Amos Funkenstein

Amos Funkenstein
Terrorism and Theory

Isaac Miller
St. Augustine, the Narrative Self,
and the Invention of Fiction

Margot Harrison
Pathological Honesty: Truth and Self in
Rousseau and Nietzsche

Volume 9, Number 1, Fall/Winter 1995
The Dissimulation of History

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Eduardo Cadava
Sternphotographie: Benjamin, Blanqui,
and the Mimesis of Stars

William Egginton
On Relativism, Rights, and Differends, or,
Ethics and the American Holocaust

Charles Altieri
Images of Form vs. Images of Content in
Contemporary Asian-American Poetry

Yuji Oniki
Perec, Marx, and Les Choses

J. Hillis Miller
The Other’s Other: Jealousy and Art in Proust

Book Review

Daniel Coffeen
On Peter Fenves
“Chatter”: Language and History Kierkegaard

Volume 9, Number 2, Spring/Summer 1996
Special Issue on Lacan

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Joan Copjec
The Strut of Vision: Seeing’s Somatic Support

Akira Mizuta Lippit
Phenomenologies of the Surface:

Gabriel Riera
Abyssal Grounds: Lacan and Heidegger on Truth

John Gasperoni
The Unconscious is Structured Like a Language

Juliet Flower MacCannell
Jouissance between the Clinic and the Academy:
The Analyst and Woman

Tracy McNulty
The Other Jouissance, a Gay Sçavoir

Jacques-Alain Miller
The Monologue of L’apparole

Volume 10, Number 1, Fall/Winter 1996

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Adriana Cavarero
Regarding the Cave

David H. Wittenberg
Misreading as Canon Formation:
Remembering Harold Bloom’s Theory of Revision

M. Stone-Richards
and Ming Tiampo
To introduce Pierre Fédida

Pierre Fédida
The Movement of the Informe

Gian Balsamo
The Law of the Outlaw: Family Succession and
Family Secession in Hegel and Genesis 31

Michael Naas
Blanchot . . . Writing . . . Ellipsis

Book Reviews

Daniel H. Foster
On Frederic Spotts
Bayreuth: A History of the Wagner Festival

Paul Kottman
On Lisa Jardine
Reading Shakespeare Historically

Volume 10, Number 2, Spring/Summer 1997
Heidegger & Co.

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Gianni Vattimo
Philosophy, Metaphysics, Democracy

Jed Deppman
Jean-Luc Nancy, Myth, and Literature

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
Il Faut

Raj Sampath
Superseding Deconstruction: Blanchot, Hegel, and the Theory of Epochs

Giorgio Agamben
Vocation and Voice

Book Review:

Peter Eli Gordon
On Rüdiger Safranski
Martin Heidegger: Between Good and Evil

Volume 11, Number 1, Fall/Winter 1997
Constructing the Real

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Judith Butler
“How Can I Deny That These Hands and This Body Are Mine?”

Jeffrey S. Timon
“This Divided Regime, Naïve and Crafty. . . “

Barrett Watten
The Constructivist Moment: From Eli Lissitzky to Detroit Techno

Brett R. Wheeler
Is Public Art Safe for Democracy? Aesthetics and Politics Between Weber
and Adorno

Matthew Gumpert
Poetics / Cosmetics: Ronsard’s Sonets pour Helene

Book Reviews

Paul Reitter
On Carl E. Schorske
Thinking With History: Explorations in the Passage to Modernism

Lytle Shaw
On Michael Davidson
Ghostlier Demarcations: Modern Poetry and the Material World

Volume 11, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1999

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Eric L. Santner
Psychoanalysis and the Enigmas of Sovereignty

Jean-Francois Lyotard
Anamnesis of the Visible 2

Elisabeth Weber
Before the Law, After the Law: An Interview with Jean-Francois Lyotard

Michael Sicinski
Michael Snow’s Wavelength and the Space of Dwelling

Carla Freccero
Early Modern Psychoanalytics: Montaigne and the Melancholic Subject
of Humanism

A Dossier of Papers
on Psychoanalysis and Film

Homay King
“All the Shapes We Make”: The Passenger’s Flight from Formal

Maria St. John
“It Ain’t Fittin’”: Cinematic and Fantasmatic Contours of
Mammy in Gone with the Wind
and Beyond

David Eng
Melancholia/Postcoloniality: Loss in The Floating Life

Kaja Silverman
Resonse to the Papers of Maria St. John, Homay King, and David Eng

Book Review

Jeff Fort
“An extreme thought of difference”: Phillipe Lacoue-Labarthe’s
Poetry as Experienc

Volume 12, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2000
The End of Nature

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Dossier on Hans

Anna Wertz
On the Possibility of Creative Being: Introducing Hans Blumenberg

Hans Blumenberg
“Imitation of Nature”: Toward a Prehistory of the Idea of
Creative Being

Samuel Moyn
Metaphorically Speaking: Hans Blumenberg, Giambattista Vico, and the
Problem of Origins

Anthony Reynolds
Unfamaliar Methods: Blumenberg and Rorty on Metaphor

Rudiger Campe
From the Theory of Technology to the Technique of Metaphor: Blumenberg’s
Opening Move

Anselm Haverkamp
Mass Times Acceleration: Rhetoric as the Meta-Physics of the Aesthetic


Christopher Peterson
Resenting AIDS: Paranoia, Punishment, Performativity

Review Essay

Chris Diffee
After Potemkin Politics: On Tom Cohen’s Ideology and Inscription

Volume 12, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2001
Special Issue on the Poetics of New Meaning
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Guest Edited by Barrett Watten


Barrett Watten
The Poetics of New Meaning


Sianne Ngai
Moody Subjects/Projectile Objects: Anxiety and Intellectuall Displacement
in Hitchcock, Heidegger,
and Melville

Steve Evans
“A World Unsuspected”: The Dynamics of Literary Change in
Hegel, Bourdieu, and Adorno

Benjamin Friedlander
A Short History of Language Poetry/According to “Hecuba Whimsy”

Lytle Shaw
Proximity’s Plea: O’Hara’s Art Writing

Lisa Samuels
If Meaning, Shaped Reading, and Leslie Scalapino’s way

Review Essay

Vincent Cannon
Spectres of Christ: Love, Christianity, and the Political in Slavoj
Zizek’s The Fragile Absolute

Volume 13, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2001
Fascism, Gender, and Culture

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Ara H. Merjian
Fascism, Gender, Culture

Barbara Spackman
Fascist Puerilty

Andrew Hewitt
A Fascist Feminine

Mark Antliff
Machine Primitives: Philippe Lamour, Germaine Krull, and the Fascist
Cult of Youth

Todd Presner
The End of Sex and the Last Man: On the Weimar Utopia of Ernst Jünger’s

Jeffrey Schnapp


Luisa Passerini
Gender, Historiography, and the Interpretation of Fascism

Book Reviews

Jennifer Bethke
Emily Braun, Mario Sironi and Italian Mordernism: Art and Politics Under

Josephine Park
Paul Edwards, Wyndham Lewis: Painter and Writer

Volume 13, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2003
History, Representation, and the Impossible Subject of Race

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Niklaus Largier
The Logic of Arousal: St. Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, and Thérèse

Miryam Sas
Hands, Lines, Acts: Butoh and Surrealism


David Marriott
The Love of Neither-Either–Racial Integration in Pressure Point

Kara Keeling
“In The Interval”: Frantz Fanon and the “Problems”
of Visual Representation

Hank Willis Thomas

Huey Copeland
Being in the Picture: Hank Willis Thomas’ Frames Series

Neferti X.M. Tadiar
In the Face of Whiteness as Value: Fall-Out of Metropolitan Humanness

Saidiya V. Hartman
The Position of Unthought: An Interview by Frank B. Wilderson, III

Book Reviews

Stuart J. Murray
Myth as Critique?: Review of Michel Foucault’s “Society Must Be

Volume 14, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2003

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Stuary J. Murray
Network Digital Information Humachines:
A Conversation with Mark Poster

Gordon Hull
Digital Copyright and the Possibility of Pure Law

Julian Stallabrass
The Aesthetics of Net.Art

Gerhard Richter
Enduring Freedom: War, Corporate Television, and the Delusion of the

Jill Stauffer
Peace is Resistance to the Terrible Satisfactions of War:
An Interview with Judith Butler

Book Reviews

Todd Cronan
Shaken Realism

Volume 14, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2004
Aural Aesthetics: Music, Voice, Language

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Jacques Rancière
Is there a Deleuzian Aesthetics?

Jon Soske
The Dissimulation of Race: Afro-Pessimism and the Problem
of Development

Denise Riley
“A voice without a mouth:” Inner Speech

Karen Feldman
The Binding Word: Conscience and the Rhetoric of Agency
in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

Brian Kane
The Elusive “Elementary Atom of Music”

Stathis Gourgouris
The Lyric in Exile (Meditations on the Hollywooder Liederbuch)

David Copenhafer
Invisible Music (Ellison)

Book Reviews

Todd Cronan
On Clement Greenberg
Late Writings, edited by Robert C. Morgan

Volume 15, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2004

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Stanley Corngold
Hegel, Schopenhauer, and Cannibalism

Eric Baker
The Bawdy Sublime: Schopenhauer’s “Theory of the Ludicrous”

Kerstin Behnke
Going Beyond Representation: The Ration of Schopenhauer’s Metaphysics of the Will

Whitney Davis
Schopenhauer’s Onotlogy of Art

Todd Cronan
On Max Horkheimer’s “Schopenhauer and Society”

Max Horkheimer
Schopenhauer and Society

Paul Fleming
The Secret Adorno

Todd Cronan
Biological Poetry: Santayana’s Aesthetics

Glenn Tiller
From Doubt to Dogma: Ontology and Santayana’s Skeptical Analysis of Knowledge

Book Review

Brian Kane
On Tia DeNora

Volume 15, Number 2, Summer 2006

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Achille Mbembe
On the Postcolony: A Brief Response to Critics

Richard Sawaya
The Skepticism and Animal Faith of Wallace Stevens

Special Dossier on Disaster

Ariella Azoulay
Citizens of Disaster

Natalia Brizuela
’Curiosity! Wonder!! Horror!!! Misery!!!!’ The Campanha de Canudos, or the Photography of History

David Bates
Revolutions in the Nuclear Age

Mark Pedretti
A Disaster By Any Other Name


Volume 16, Number 1, Summer 2007

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Kelvin C. Black
Frederick Douglass’ Differing Opinions on the Pro-Slavery Character of the American Union

Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen
The Bernheim Effect: Fragments of a Theory of Generalized Artifact

Claude Imbert
Aby Warburg, Between Kant and Boas: From Aesthetics to the Anthropology of Images

Saba Mahmood
Retooling Democracy and Feminism in the Service of the New Empire

Adi Ophir
Disaster as a Place of Morality: The Sovereign, the Humanitarian, and the Terrorist

José Rabasa
Elsewheres: Radical Relativism and the Frontiers of Empire

Volume 16, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2008

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Dossier on Urban Interventions: Politics and Violence of the City

Sinan Antoon

Loïc Wacquant
French Working Class Banlieues and Black American Ghetto: From Conflation to Comparison

George Ciccariello-Maher
Toward a Racial Geography of Caracas: Neoliberal Urbanism and the Fear of Penetration


Ariella Azoulay
The Trial of the Oppressed

Jennifer Bajorek
Insert Into Blankness: Poetry and Cultural Memory in Benjamin’s Baudelair Interpretation

Review Essay

Andrew Stefan Weiner
Changing Channels: Broadcast Television, Early Videol, and the Politics of Networked Media

Volume 17, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2008: Thinking Alterity, Reprise

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Peter Skafish
An Introduction

Claude Imbert

Stefania Pandolfo
Testimony in Counterpoint: Psychiatric Fragments in the Aftermatch of Culture

Souleymane Bashir Diagne
Bergson in the Colonies: Intuition and Duration in the Thought of Senghor and Iqbal

Luca D’Isanto
Kenosis of the Subject and the Advent of Being in Mystic Experience

Luke Thurston
Splinters of Being: Fernando Pessoa as Singular Multiplicity

Katherine Lemons
From Recognition to Acknowledgement: A Review of Patchen Markell’s Bound by Recognition

Alphonso Lingis
The Outsiders: The Search for Authenticity

Volume 17, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2009

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Talal Asad
The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam

J. M. Bernstein
Mad Raccoon, Demented Quail, and the Herring Holocaust: Notes for a Reading of W. G. Sebald

Gabriela Basterra
Does Creativity Deny Itself?

Christopher Peterson
Derrida’s Ouija Board

Hanaa Malallah (featured artist)
Sophisticated Ways in the Destruction of an Ancient City

Special Dossier: Past Unconscious: Psyche in the Afterlives of Freud

Catherine Malabou
How Is Subjectivity Undergoing Deconstruction Today? Philosophy, Auto-Hetero-Affection, and Neurobiological Emotion

Slavoj Žižek
Descartes and the Post-Traumatic Subject: On Catherine Malabou’s Les nouveaux blessés and Other Autistic Monsters

Alan Bass
Play’s the Thing: Jugs Are Us

Samuel Weber, Yuki Maeda, and Takashi Minatomichi
On the Japanese Translation of The Legend of Freud: A Dialogue with Samuel Weber

Volume 18, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2009

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Gil Anidjar
Muslim Jews

Jennifer Doyle
Blind Spots and Failed Performance: Abortion, Feminism, and Queer Theory

Hélène Mialet
Reincarnating the Knowing SubjectÇ Scientific Rationality and the Situated Body

Mikhail Epstein
The Interesting

Special Dossier:
For Further Accidents of Thought: Theoretical De-Europeanization

Peter Skafish

Bernard Stiegler
The Magic Skin; or, the Franco-European Accident of Philosophy after Jacques Derrida

Enrique Dussel
The Liberatory Even in Paul of Tarsus

François Jullien
Thinking between China and Greece: Breaking New Ground

Volume 18, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2010

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Special Dossier:
Toward Planetary Decolonial Feminisms

Marcelle Maese-Cohen

Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui
The Notion of “Rights” and the Paradoxes of Postcolonial Modernity: Indigenous Peoples and Women in Bolivia

Cho Haejoang and Ueno Chizuko
Speaking at the Border/Will These Words Reach . . .

Laura E. Pérez
Enrique Dussel’s Etica de la liberación, U.S. Women of Color Decolonizing Practices, and Coalitionary Politics amidst Difference

Paola Bacchetta
Decolonial Praxis: Enabling Intranational and Queer Coalition Building


Lewis R. Gordon
Theory in Black: Teleological Suspensions in Philosophy of Culture

David Marriott
On Racial Fetishism

Adrian Johnston
Affekt, Gefühl, Empfindung: Rereading Freud on the Question of Unconscious Affects

John E. Drabinski
What Is Trauma to the Future? On Glissant’s Poetics

Didier Eribon
Haunted Lives: AIDS and the Future of Our Past

Elizabeth Freeman
“We’re Only Making Plans for Nigel”: In Response to Didier Eribon

Volume 19, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2010

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Daniel Heller-Roazen
Into the Forge

Nicola Masciandaro
The Sorrow of Being

Jean-Michel Rabaté
The Death of Freud: What Is to Be Preferred, Death or Obsolescence?

Lilya Kaganovsky
There Is No Acoustic Relation: Considerations on Sound and Image in Post-Soviet Film

Nathan Brown
Absent Blue Wax (Rationalist Empiricism)

Scott Ferguson
The Face of Time between Haeckel and Bergson; or, Toward an Ethics of Impure Vision

Jacques Lezra
The Pleasures of Infanticide

Review Essays

Alex Benson
Art without Culture

Vincent Lloyd
Rhetoric, Class, and Christ

Michelle Ty
On the Cognitive Turn in Literary Studies

Volume 19, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2011

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Special Issue: At the Intersections of Ecocriticism

Craig Dworkin
Normal Flora and Ambient Microfauna

Katrina Dodson
Introduction: Eco/Critical Entanglements

Brenda Hillman
Two Summer Aubades, After John Clare

Stephanie LeMenager
Petro-Melancholia: The BP Blowout and the Arts of Grief

Alenda Y. Chang
Games as Environmental Texts

Harryette Mullen
Selections from Tanka Diary

Lawrence Buell
Ecocriticism: Some Emerging Trends

Jonathan Skinner
From Warblers

Karen Barad
Nature’s Queer Performativity

Simona Schneider
From On Creatures, After Aelian’s

Timothy Morton
Here Comes Everything: The Promise of Object-Oriented Ontology

Sunaura Taylor
Beasts of Burden: Disability Studies and Animal Rights

Alastair Hunt
The Rights of the Infinite

Joan Retallack
From The Bosch Bookshelf

Jonathan Skinner
Gardens of Resistance: Gilles Clément, New Poetics, and Future Landscapes

Gilles Clément
In Praise of Vagabonds

Review Essays

Katherine F. Chandler
Political Environments

Yates McKee
On Climate Refugees: Biopolitics, Aesthetics, and Critical Climate Change

Volume 20, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2011

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Special Issue: Higher Education on Its Knees

Michelle Ty
Introduction: Higher Education on Its Knees

Part 1: The University Gone Global

Gert Biesta
How Useful Should the University Be? On the Rise of the Global University and the Crisis in Higher Education

Wendy Brown
Quality and Equality: The Proposed UC Cyber Campus

Annie McClanahan
The Living Indebted: Student Militancy and the Financialization of Debt

Lionel Ruffel
Do Books Have a Place in a Shanghai World?

Part 2: Humanities Salvage

Michael Bérubé
The Futility of the Humanities

Geoffrey Galt Harpham
Why We Need the 16,772nd Book on Shakespeare

Henry A. Giroux
Once More, with Conviction: Defending Higher Education as a Public Good

Robert Paul Wolff
What Good Is a Liberal Education?

Marjorie Perloff
The Decay of a Discipline: Reflections on the English Department Today

Laurent Dubreuil
A Viral Lexicon for Future Crises

Hélène Merlin-Kajman
Can We Save What We Have Destroyed? Transmitting Literature

Part 3: History on Regional Grounds

V. Kaladharan
From Meditative Learning to Impersonal Pedagogy: Reflections on the Transformation of an Indian Gurukula

Francesco Crocco
Contesting the Manufactured Crisis of Public Higher Education at CUNY

Maritza Stanchich
A University Besieged: Initial Impressions of a Student Strike

Aaron Porter
Student Unrest, University Unrest: The English Gamble with the Future of Higher Education

Part 4: A Little Thing Called Resistance

Rei Terada
Out of Place: Free Speech, Disruption, and Student Protest

Charlotte Latimer, Christopher Collier, Jaideep Shah, Katherine Burrows, Matthew Woodcraft, Saoirse Fitzpatrick
Creative Subversions: A Politics beyond Representation in the UK

Lyn Hejinian
Wild Captioning

Volume 20, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2011
Special Dossier: Affect Theory

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Martha Figlerowicz
Affect Theory Dossier: An Introduction

Special Dossier: Affect Theory

Catharine Malabou, Simon Porzak
Following Generation

Elizabeth Abel
Skin, Flesh and the Affective Wrinkles of Civil Rights Photography

Lauren Berlant, Jordan Greenwald
Affect in the End Times: A Conversation with Laurent Berlant

Suzanne Herrera LiPuma
A Nice, Clean Space for a Panic Attack: Notes for Carla Benedetto

Cara Benedetto
Body Bags

Andrew Moisey
Considering the Desire to Mark Our Buried Nuclear Waste: Into Eternity and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Joseph Litvak
Unctuous: Resentment in David Copperfield

Massimo Recalcati, Ramsey McGlazer
Hate as a Passion of Being


Kristin Reed
Versographies by Dmitri Prigov: Introduction

Dmitri Prigov, Kristin Reed
Versographies: A Selection


James R. Martel
Nietzsche’s Cruel Messiah

Donna Jones
The Career of Living Things Is Continuous: Reflections on Bergson, Iqbal, and Scalia

Betina González-Azcárate, Joshua Lund
Mining the Tropics: Burton’s Brazil and the History of Empire

Volume 21, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2012
Special Issue: Liner Notes: The Margins of Song

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Simon Porzak
Zerbinetta’s Laughter: An Introduction to the Marginality of Song

Adriana Cavarero, Matt Langione
The Vocal Body: Extract from A Philosophical Encyclopedia of the Body

Veit Erlmann
Refiguring the Early Modern Voice

Mara Mills
Media and Prosthesis: The Vocoder, the Artificial Larynx, and the History of Signal Processing

Judith A. Peraino
Plumbing the Surface of Sound and Vision: David Bowie, Andy Warhol, and the Art of Posing

Cara Benedetto
Lyric Disaster: Poetic Voice and Its Lacanian Other

Axel Nesme
Lyric Disaster: Poetic Voice and Its Lacanian Other

Eli Friedlander, Michal Grover-Friedlander
Setting the Stage, Staging the Voice: On Directing Weill and Brecht’s Der Jasager

Wayne Koestenbaum, Simon Porzak
“Opera Is a Closed Book”: A Conversation with Wayne Koestenbaum

Robert Alford
Review Essay: Fighting the “Culture of Certainty”: A Review of Wendy Gay Pearson and Susan Knabe’s Zero Patience: A Queer Film Classic

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